Getting Into Veterinary School

Ever since I watched my Shetland pony getting castrated, I have been facinated by the world of veterinary medicine.  I have always had an interest in medicine itself, but from my childhood experiences, I knew I wanted to relate my career choice to animals.

Ever since that day, I was obsessively looking at veterinary schools online, planning my future.  Despite my young age, my choice to become a veterinary surgeon has never changed.  I promised myself that I would do anything possible to get into veterinary school, and with the support of my amazing mum and dad, I did.

It wasn’t an easy journey.  I started my a-levels when I was 16, after coming out of highschool with B’s, and one C.  I started taking Environmental Studies, Chemistry, Biology and Maths.  Due to various extenuating circumstances, and an uncertain understanding of my future, my exams were not successful. However, I came out with knowledge that I could apply later, along with an EPQ.  This EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) was what sparked an interest in orthapedics, as I wrote it during the summer after my AS exams.  The title was ‘Anklyosis and Arthordesis Surgery on Equines‘ and I came out being able to reference, write a report, and conduct external research.

In the weeks following the results of my AS levels I was faced with the difficult situation of choosing a path which would get me into veterinary school, which was still my overall priority.  I went to the local vocational college, and started a City and Guilds Diploma in Animal Management.  After finishing my first year with a distinction *, I knew I was capable of gaining entry into University.  The content of this course, over the two years included lots of practical work (such as worming sheep) and multiple science modules.  In these modules I was able to apply current knowledge I had ingested from my a-levels to help me succeed.

Admittedly, when I first started my university applications, I worried that I would face rejection – as most students do! I had a plan B in my back pocket, after recieveing an unconditional offer to study Bioveterinary science.  With this, I planned to do a graduate veterinary degree.  Like my dad always told me, If I dont get in, there’s more then one way to skin a cat.

I faced rejection from two out of three of my veterinary universties, without interview.  Both rejections were down to individual reasons.  However, I recieved an invite for an interview from Bristol University.  This was for their Gateway course.  I was so delighted with myself, as I knew there was a limited number of places, and I was proud I had gotten so far.  Long story short, after a lot of anxious waiting, I was offered a place, which I had accepted in seconds.

To summarise my first blog post, I want to be able to tell people my story throughout my time blogging. I took an unconventional route, and with masses of work experience and a high motivational drive, I got to the same position as those studying a-levels.  Despite setbacks, I knew this was the career for me.  The hard work paid off, but I still have 6 years to go! I’d like to inspire and prove to people that there are lots of ways to get where you want, and not to be disheartened.  I have had a lot of fun over the years conducting my work experience, learning about the animals we share this world with, and what I can do to help them.  I can’t wait for it to keep going!